Sunday, July 15, 2007

All the fours

We're just over two months into this here blog ring and I thought it was time for an update. I'm thrilled to say that the ring now has a wonderful 44 members! Hurrah for all those fabulous British Etsy bloggers.

You can view the entire list here (link opens in a new window). The list is in no particular order and I've noticed it tends to jump around a little when you browse through it this way, however you will find all the members there.

Happy blogging!


SallyF said...

hi there, when i open the list its surrounded by ads and its really hard to see which the actual real blog links are - is it always like that and is there any way round it - or has it been hijacked and taken over? sal x

Jen said...

Unfortunately the ads are part of the RingSurf site - the "price" we pay for the service being free, I'm afraid.

When we reach 50 members I'll try to come up with a clearer list that I'll post here - how's that for incentive?!

~ Jen :)