Saturday, May 19, 2007

How to Join

How to add your blog to the UK Etsy Sellers Who Blog blog ring:

  1. Please read the Ring Rules.

  2. Click on the button in the side bar that says "Join Ring".

  3. Follow the instructions to add your blog to the ring.

  4. Once you have joined the ring you will see a confirmation screen with the html code for the blog ring (you will also receive an e-mail from RingSurf with the ring code). Copy this code and paste it into your blog - sidebar placement works best. Do NOT place the code into a blog post. If you are a Live Journal user, enter the code into your user profile page.

  5. Sit back and wait for your blog to be approved. Please note that this can take up to a week.

Blog Ring Rules

The Rules:
  1. You MUST be a UK Etsy seller. (If you are a non-UK Etsy seller, why not visit the Etsy Sellers Who Blog v2 ring)

  2. You need to have a blog that will support the ring code. (Please note that currently MySpace blogs will not support the ring surf code)

  3. You must have an EASY TO FIND link to your Etsy shop on your blog.

  4. When signing up to the ring, please ensure that you give your Etsy Shop's BLOG url when asked for your site url - entering the url for your Etsy shop will not work for the ring. Applications submitted with Etsy shop urls will be deleted from the queue and will have to be resubmitted with the appropriate BLOG site url.

  5. Once you have signed up, you will receive the code for the ring. One you have received this code, please insert it into your blog immediately. Your blog will not be approved until the code is there.

  6. Please ensure that you place the ring code in an easy to find place in your blog’s template. Side bar placement works best for this. Your application will not be approved if you insert the code into a blog post. (Live Journal users should insert the code into their profile pages)

  7. Please be aware that inserting the code into your blog does not immediately activate it - you must be approved first. This process can take up to a week, please be patient.

  8. Have fun checking out other UK Etsy Sellers who blog!

(Adapted from UberCherry's original "Etsy Sellers Who Blog" blog ring rules)

The UK Etsy Sellers Who Blog blog ring

Inspired by UberCherry's original "Etsy Sellers Who Blog" blog ring I decided to start a blog ring for all us UK Etsy sellers who blog. We're a talented lot, and this will hopefully be a great way to find your favourite UK Etsy sellers that blog, and maybe even discover some new ones.

Happy blogging!