Sunday, June 22, 2008

Updates galore!

Updates, updates, updates! Always better in list form, so here goes...

  • First of all, I'm thrilled to say that our lovely UK Etsy Sellers Who Blog (UKESWB for short!) blog ring has now reached a grand total of 140 members! Absolutely fantastic, I'm sure you'll agree. Thank you to each and every one of you. Here's to the next 140!
  • As some of you will be aware (especially newer members), Ringsurf (the site that hosts and runs our blog ring) underwent something of a makeover recently. As a result there have been a few hiccups with membership, and user account management, but I'm hoping that the worst of it is now over. If anyone is running into trouble please don't hesitate to get in touch and I will do my very best to help out.
  • I've been doing some maintenance on the ring and have a couple of things I want everyone to be aware of...
    • First of all, the existing graphic for the ring will be deleted at the end of this month (30th June 2008). Fear not, however, as I have created some brand spanking new ones that are far prettier. If you don't currently have the graphic option on your ring code and would like to change that, simply log into your Ringsurf account (link opens in a new window) to edit your settings.
    • Secondly, there are, a number of members of the ring who have removed the ring code from their blogs for whatever reason. These members are currently labeled as inactive.In order to keep the ring flowing properly I will be deleting all inactive members at the end of this month (30th June 2008). If your account is currently inactive you have until the end of the month to re-add the code into your blog. If your account is still inactive at the end of the month it will be deleted from the ring and you will have to rejoin if you wish your blog to be a member again.
  • I received an e-mail from a PhD student of Media Studies at the University of Texas recently regarding our lovely blog ring. He is working on a project about how bloggers communicate with each other in webrings and how close they can become. He's written a survey and has asked that I mention it here for other UKESWB members to have the opportunity to take part. The survey takes no more than 15 minutes to finish and there is an added bonus of a prize! If you provide your e-mail address when you take the survey you will be entered into a random prize draw for the chance to win one of two $50 gift cards. I'm a sucker for such things having conducted not one but two similar projects for my degrees, so I will be taking part. You can find the survey here (link opens in a new window). If you take the survey, please mention that you belong to the UK Etsy Sellers Who Blog blog ring.
  • Finally, I will be sending this update via e-mail to all members of the blog ring simply because I want everyone to be aware of the changes I will be making at the end of the month and I'm sure people are far more likely to check their own e-mail than this here blog on a regular basis. Fear not, this will not be the start of oodles of messages from me about the ring!
That's all for now, folks. Happy blogging!